FAIRVASC actively participates in the 20th International Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop 03-06 April 2022 and Patient Event

The FAIRVASC consortium had a very active involvement at the 20th International Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop 03-06 April 2022, held in Dublin, Ireland (https://vasculitis2022.org/ ), a conference which was hosted by FAIRVASC technical coordinator Professor Mark Little of TCD.

After a three-year break, vasculitis researchers had the opportunity to meet, present and discuss the results of scientific research from institutes around the world. 500 participants representing 40 countries participated in oral and poster sessions for 4 days. The FAIRVASC consortium was present at multiple sessions of the main event and also at the International Vasculitis and ANCA Patient Event 2022 (https://vasculitis2022.org/patient-conference/) which preceded the workshop, which several FAIRVASC consortium members (Julie Power, Peter Verhoeven and Zdenka Hrušková) helped organise.

At the Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop FAIRVASC was represented by Kris McGlinn, Karl Gisslander, and Matthew Rutherford who presented our analyses and results during oral sessions and poster presentations and also presented a live demo of the first version release of the FAIRVASC dashboard. FAIRVASC team members Julie Power, Peter Verhoeven, Nathan Lea, Maria Christofidou, Matthew Rutherford Zdenka, Hrušková also presented and chaired sessions at the patient event. After the meeting, we received many questions regarding the data presented and the possibility of new registries joining the FAIRVASC platform. We would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to present our work and for inspiring discussions that have given us food for thought as we continue to develop the FAIRVASC infrastructure.