We are happy to announce that POLVAS Team will host a FAIRVASC HACKATHON on 21st Jan 2023! FAIRVASC has developed a proven methodology for AAV registries to uplift their data and support federated queries based on the FAIRVASC ontology. A prototype FAIRVASC Dashboard has been developed providing a secure user interface for clinicians and researchers to access an unprecedented number of European AAV patients. However we asked the query is there another system solution to return aggregated, anonymous, FAIR data? Would it have other features to present and analyze data? Would there be another method of designing a user interface that can support federated queries? To answer these questions, we have gathered over 30 IT specialists (Data Engineers and UX/UI experts) who can support our project and research on rare diseases by participating in the HACKATHON on 21st January 2023, taking place from 9am to 5pm in the Conference Center at the Faculty of Medicine in Kraków. The participants had the option to choose between two paths, a “green field” path to design a novel system solution that would meet the project’s data query needs and a second  ‘’user interface’’ path to design a mock-up of a novel user interface. The most interesting solutions will be awarded with PLN 5,000 for the first place, PLN 3,000 for the second place and PLN 2,000 for third place. We can’t wait to meet in Kraków!