FAIRVASC-focused meeting held in Barcelona during the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop

FAIRVASC-focused meeting was held in Barcelona during the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop on 9th of April 2024.


12:00 Welcome and Introduction – Giacomo Emmi

FAIRVASC STATE OF THE ART – Chairman: Mark Little

12:05-12:20 The Project: Introduction and future Aims – Michelangelo Tesi

12:20-12:30 Discussion

12:30-12:50 Study Projects – Augusto Vaglio &  Karl Gisslander

OTHER VASCULITIS REGISTRIES – Chairman: Aladdin Mohammad

12:50-13:00 Discussion

13:00-13:10 The ANZVASC Registry – Richard Kitching

13:10-13:20 The CanVasc Registry – Christian Pagnoux

13:20-13:30 Discussion