Personal changes in FAIRVASC Project

The second and third quarters of 2022 brought personnel changes in FAIRVASC. Kris McGlinn has left the FAIRVASC project. Thanks to his skills and coordination of the FIT team work, a first version release of the FAIRVASC infrastructure was achieved, which was demonstrated at the Vasculitis & ANCA Workshop 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. The entire team would like to thank Kris for his commitment and professionalism and wish him much success in other projects. Beyza Yaman is the new FIT team leader and works on further interface improvement. The next person who joined FAIRVASC in 2022 was Michalangelo Tesi Michaelangelo works in Meyer Children’s hospital and is actively involved in Data Quality Analysis in FAIRVASC. Fabian Schulbach, who represented GEVAS and participated in the work of the HIT team has left to focus on his clinical work. Arlette Tais from Freiburg University Hospital has taken over Fabian’s work. The FAIRVASC team would like to thank all researchers who have left the project for their hard work and dedication to FAIRVASC and  we wish them well in their future endeavors. A warm welcome also to the new FAIRVASC team members!